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Protect+ technology

Unique, water-repellent bevel technology Protect+

Spilled something? No need to panic! Maintaining your timber floor has never been so easy. Quick-Step Timber floors feature a unique, water-repellent technology in the form of Protect+. There’s no need to worry if you spill something or while cleaning, as Protect+ stops liquids from penetrating and staining the edges of planks, keeping the joins between the planks clean and looking fresh for years to come.


  1. When water is absorbed by the open pores it can react with the finish, leaving a black or white mark on the surface.
  2. When cleaning, dirt mixed with water penetrates the pores: the water evaporates but the dirt stays in the pores.
  3. When water can enter the pores on the short sides of the planks, mold can start to grow.


  1. The surface of a wooden plank is closed by the protective layers of lacquer or oil. Hence, water cannot penetrate the surface of the plank.
  2. The strength of the Uniclic® on the long side holds the boards together. Water cannot penetrate the long side joints.
  3. Short side = weak point. Innovative bevel technology seals short side: water cannot penetrate and cause water damage.


Carefree living

  1. Extreme durability: Your floor will look beautiful for longer!
  2. Very easy to maintain: Regular mopping doesn’t harm the bevels.
  3. Stain resistant: Accidents can happen, but don’t worry, the surface is sealed.