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Installation instructions for Titan Vinyl Comfort and Titan Vinyl Glue


  1. We recommend to order all panels for the same flooring project at the same time. Compatibility of panels in repeated orders cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Make sure the panels are sufficiently mixed when you install them, so that you do not end up with too many identical, light or dark panels in the same area.
  3. Check all panels in daylight before and during installation. Defective panels must never be used.
  4. The floor should preferably be installed parallel to how the light enters the room.
  5. Ensure that the end joints of the panels in 2 successive rows are never in line. Always ensure that the joints are staggered by at least 15cm (6 inches).
  6. Ensure that the indoor climate conditions are always kept between 18-25°C.
  7. It is also important to keep the subfloor in the above mentioned temperature range to counteract dimensional variations.
  8. Floor heating can be used with Titan Vinyl up to a maximum contact temperature of 27° C. Switch off your floor heating 24h before and after installation. For subfloor preparation see floor heating instructions.

Before you start

For a good result, you must follow all given instructions carefully.

Acclimatization and storing conditions

  1. Always handle, store and transport Titan Vinyl carefully to prevent distortions. Store and transport cartons on a flat surface in neat stacks. Store cartons flat, never put them upright.
  2. Do not store Titan Vinyl in moist or dusty rooms or places with extreme temperatures.
  3. Titan Vinyl must be allowed to acclimatize in the room of installation. Planks must be stored between 18°C -25°C, for a period of at least 48 hours before installation. The temperature needs to be maintained prior to, during and for at least 24 hours after the installation is completed. Boxes should be acclimatized next to each other on a flat surface.
  4. Acclimatization is critical because vinyl is reactive to temperature change. As it heats up, it will grow, while when cooling it will shrink. As such the planks must be brought to the correct temperature range before the job, and kept there until the adhesive has fully cured. This will prevent gapping and peaking of your planks while the adhesive is drying.