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Washing Your Floor

Every so often, you will need to wash your floor to provide for a clean and hygienic surface. A suitable maintenance product is a product that does not build up layers on the floor, and does not leave residue or moisture in the bevels causing them to swell.

The Quick Step Maintenance Product has been specifically designed and is recommended for this purpose. Simply add 1 or 2 capfuls of Maintenance Product to a bucket of warm water and, using a well wrung mop, mop over the floor. Wipe off any excess cleaning water using a clean towel for best results.

The Quick Step Maintenance Kit is also available and includes both the Quick Step Maintenance Product and the easy to use flipper mop with a swivel head and reusable cloths. The cloth, with its’ specifically designed poly-cotton loop structure, can be used dry or damp. The cloth can be removed and washed separately, making the Quick Step Maintenance Kit a great investment!

Quick-Step Repair Kit

Recreate the colour of slightly damaged planks quickly and easily with 7 wax pieces selected to cover all Quick-Step floor colours.

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