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Care Instructions

  • Laminate flooring is easy to keep clean and maintain. General, daily maintenance involves sweeping with a soft broom or using a vacuum cleaner (bristles down). When cleaning your floor, it is important that you use the recommended maintenance pro(available from your place of purchase). Use a barely damp micro-fibre mop, ensuring that you wipe off any excess moisture on the floor as soon as possible.
  • In the same light, it is important to wipe up any liquid spills or standing water from the surface of your floor as soon as is possible.
  • To protect your floor against premature wear or unnecessary damage, it is advisable to apply high quality felt floor protectors to the underside of all moving furniture. Place dirt trapping mats at all external entrances and use protective matting under any castor wheels. Use protective masonite or MDF sheets on your floor when moving appliances or heavy items back into position.
  • Stubborn stains (e.g. paint) can be removed with acetone (fragrance free nail polish remover), applied sparingly on a white cloth. Do not use scouring agents, or steam cleaners as these may permanently damage the surface of your floor.
  • The most up to date care and maintenance instructions are available from your point of purchase. We strongly recommend obtaining a copy and following these instructions well as they have been written to help ensure that your floor looks better for longer