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Why choose Quick-Step Timber?

Top Quality

At Quick-Step, we combine our expertise in wood and commitment to create perfect quality floors that give you a lifetime of pleasure. We carry out that concept by giving you a Lifetime Warranty on every Quick-Step timber board.

Ease of installation

In 1997, Quick-Step launched the first integrated no-glue click system: Uniclic®.
At the moment, this click system is renowned all over the world and preferred by most professional installers. We even developed a unique drop down click system specifically for our wood flooring: Uniclic® Multifit. With this system profiled on every Quick-Step Timber plank, your floor can be installed anywhere, quickly and easily. You can install your floor yourself or have it done for you.

Real warranties

Any company can offer a lifetime warranty, but, more often than not, the warranty support is found to be lacking.

Quick-Step doesn’t just talk about giving you a lifetime warranty, we are there when you need us. With qualified representatives all over Australia, Quick-Step offers full ground support no matter where you live.

Passion for wood and design

Any idea for a new wood floor needs to be in keeping with all facets of the nature of wood. Finding the perfect balance between the character of real wood, the craftsmanship of adding coloured stains, texture and high quality finishes is key to obtaining a beautiful wood floor and is what we do best at Quick-Step.

Our innovative mind set, even in a very traditional wood floor market has enabled us to continually develop unique products like Readyflor. At Quick-Step, we know that when you want a stunning one strip floor, you don’t want it full of short pieces (called nested lengths), that’s why we minimise our nested length ratio lower than almost every other brand… to give you the look you deserve.

A heart for nature

Wood is an exceptionally renewable source material for floor coverings and for many years Quick-Step has been actively doing its best to limit the environmental impact of its activities. All incoming raw materials have been carefully screened and selected in order to be sure about their ecological origin. Moreover, our lacquer meets the strictest international emission standards and we only work with efficient and durable production processes. All of this means you can simply enjoy your wood floor knowing it was made with the utmost respect for the environment.


Originally planted for its latex production, Hevea – the core of our wooden flooring – is made from trees that are better known as ’rubber trees’. After 25 years, these trees no longer yield sufficient latex and are logged. In the past, farmers used to burn them, but now Quick-Step recycles and uses the wood to produce the quality core of Quick-Step Timber boards.