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Quality in every layer

1. Finishing

S.R.T. (Scratch Resistant Technology) :
7 layers of UV-cured  lacquer are applied to every board to ensure maximum protection against wear, scratches and stains.

Manufactured to the highest standards in Europe, laboratory tests reveal that  S.R.T. coating shows a 30 fold improvement in the prevention of fine scratching over standard coatings. This ensures that Quick-Step Readyflor is simple and cost efficient to maintain.

2. Top Layer

A carefully selected, solid wood layer in a vast array of colours and grains.
Our engineered planks have a nominal 4 mm top layer, making Quick-Step Readyflor as re-sandable as most traditional solid wood floors.

3. Core

The core of Quick-Step Readyflor provides for a durable and stable floor. This layer perfectly absorbs stress and strain and ensures that our product remains stable in almost any conditions. The balance between the hardness and stability of the core material is key in ensuring a smooth click and a strong connection during installation.

4. Backing Layer

We use an environmentally friendly timber option as the backing layer for all Quick-Step Readyflor boards.