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A floor you'll love to live on

All the natural benefits of cork: warm, soft & quiet

Cork flooring is soft and comfortable to walk on. Cork flooring is also very impact resistant thanks to its natural memory. Cork flooring is warm underfoot in winter, and refreshingly cool in summer, due to its natural insulation characteristics. Cork also has outstanding sound insulation properties, making it ever so quiet underfoot. It is hypoallergenic and low on emissions (E1), making cork perfect for people with allergies. Finally, cork is so easy to clean and maintain.

Stunning appearance

When people think about cork flooring, words like ‘old-school’ and ‘traditional’ are commonplace. ReadyCork goes beyond the traditional cork look with a range of stunning, ambient and lively designs. Modern, stained cork flooring such as Slate, Rustic Olive and Antique Leather in the ReadyCork Ambient range redefine the look of cork flooring. ReadyCork Vita goes one step further, with complete digital-print decors, showing off an authentic hardwood look on long cork planks.

Anti-Microbial treatment

Cork is naturally hypoallergenic, and with the patented Microban® treatment, the growth of stain & odour causing bacteria, mold and mildew is inhibited.

Top quality coating

The ReadyCork coating and surface has never been better. Using the latest technologies, ReadyCork combines the natural benefits and beauty of cork flooring with the durability and resilience your home needs.

Market leading warranties

The 25 year Residential Wear Warranty on ReadyCork is not just a pretty number. With qualified representatives all over Australia and a long term commitment to cork flooring, ReadyCork can be enjoyed with peace of mind – no matter where you live.

Microban efficacy demonstration

This video shows you a test for bacteria on samples to show Microban’s efficacy against bacteria. Both samples were inoculated with bacteria and photographed after a 24-hour period. The left sample was manufactured with Microban protection and the right sample was left untreated. The result of this bacteria testing showed the sample with built-in Microban protection exhibited minimal growth while the untreated sample showed significant microbial contamination.