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How to install the floor yourself

Most of our floors feature the widely-acclaimed, patented Uniclic joining system. This system is a lot faster and more solid than other joining solutions, ensuring easy installation even in the smallest corners or underneath doors. Take a look at our online tutorials for ‘how to’ guidance on installing any of our laminate, timber and vinyl flooring products.

Method 1: Rotate and click

Click the panels into each other along the long side and the short side.

Method 2: Horizontal insertion

Ideal for awkward corners. Unlike most other systems, Uniclic® panels can also be joined together horizontally. This is essential when you install the last row of panels or in places where it is difficult or even impossible to rotate the panels (underneath door frames or heating units, for example).

If requiring phone support during business hours, please phone our National Training Manager, Nathan Davis on (08) 8262 8666.

How to install a laminate floor

How to install a timber floor

How to install a vinyl floor (glue down)

Selecting profiles & trims

For more videos and information head to www.quick-step.com.au

If you require a professional to install the floor for you, please contact your retailer.