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It’s back – Premium Floors B2B ordering website

It’s back!

Our online B2B ordering website is back! We have given it a new, fresh look and it has a more user friendly environment.
Go to b2b.premiumfloors.com.au and explore it now.

What are the benefits?

  • Enter your customer order in a few clicks and reserve the stock
  • See the cost of your order excluding freight
  • Receive email confirmation of your order
  • Check stock 24/7 – real-time stock status for your state and Australia wide
  • Automatically find the matching trims, no need to look for the right code!
  • Track your orders – get up to date information on the status of your orders
  • Get product information and pricing

Tips and tricks

  • Multiple entry is possible, however, there is only one order basket. If person 1 enters product A and person 2 enters product B at the same time, the two products will appear in the order.
  • Always check the quantity of the order before confirming. Once order is placed quantities can only be changed with Customer Service.
  • In case you want to cancel an order, you need to call Customer Service. You can’t cancel an order online.
  • Please place all special priced orders with your sales rep.

Contact your sales rep or Customer Service today to get your login and password!